Dreamwash NEWS!!!

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For those that don’t know… a bit of clarification…

I’ve been working solo under the name Dreamwash since 1994, recorded some demo’s between 1994 and 1997 and performed live in 1997 once with the project (full on extravaganza with insectmasks, dancesr, projections and only blacklights) but got caught up in band-activities ever since…

Now in 2012 it’s the year the insects make their triumphant return with no less then two digital E.P.’s that will be released soon and one soundtrack to a movie…

and thus I have changed my Soundcloud-page, which from now on will be, check it out, I hope you all enjoy the tunes.Or join me on FB:

And remember people:  Sharing is Caring! ;-)

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samdevosDreamwash NEWS!!!

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